Frequent Asked Questions

Where are the castings taken?

I take the castings at my premises in Old Basing, but I can also do home visits for a small surcharge.

How long will the appointment be?

The appointment will be approximately an hour. I like to ensure that we are not rushing your baby or child as this will not help to produce an enjoyable experience, it also gives you time to choose the mount colour combination and frame choice.

Can I have more castings done in the future?

You are only able to produce one cast from each set of impressions or solid castings therefore if you require more castings a new appointment will need to be made.

Are the casting products safe to use on my child?

The impressions are taken in very soft clay so as I press your child's fingers or toes into the clay it produces an imprint easily. The solid casting is taken in a natural based gel that is warm and therefore not uncomfortable in anyway whatsoever.

Do I have a choice of frames?

The castings are displayed in wooden frames that can be waxed to suit your personal preference: dark, limed or a natural finish.

When can I collect my completed order?

I aim to complete the order within two weeks, however should you have a bespoke design this may take slightly longer.

Can you do group bookings?

You are more that welcome to book a group session.